Looking For A New Fence? Here’s 3 Reasons Why You Should Go With Cedar

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If you are looking to add a new fence to your home, cedar fencing can provide you with an attractive addition composed of natural wood. While cedar is only one type of available wood fencing, you can also choose from redwood, spruce and pine. The wood used to make fences can be sapwood or heartwood. Heartwood tends to be the stronger option, as it comes from deep within the tree. With sapwood, it is a lot closer to the tree’s surface. The type of wood used is going to determine how much your new fence is going to cost, as well as how...

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Four Tips To Help Your Utilize Space With A Vertical Garden On Your Fence

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If you have a small yard, space can be precious. You may not want to use part of your landscaping for things like vegetable gardens, herbs and flowers. If you have a fence on your property though, you also have vertical real estate to start any type of garden without interfering with your landscaping. Here are a few tips to help you with your vertical garden along your fence line: 1. Using Plastic Containers That Have Brackets For Metal Fencing Plastic containers can be a great addition to metal chain-link fences if you want a vertical...

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School Security: How Do Fences And Gates Make A Difference?

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Have you ever been curious about how schools are keeping your kids safer? In the wake of school violence around the country, many educational institutions are looking at how they can keep their premises more secure and prevent unauthorized entry during the school day. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of public schools controlling access to their buildings went from 75 to 92 percent, and those controlling access to school grounds jumped from 34 to 46 percent. That’s good news for parents worried about an unauthorized visitor getting...

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Wood Or Wood-Like Vinyl: Which Is The Better Fence For Your Yard?

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If you think you want a wooden fence for your yard, you have an important decision to make. Do you want a real wooden fence, or would a vinyl fence made to look like wood be a better choice for you? There are pros and cons to both options, which you should carefully consider before making your choice. Real Wooden Fences Pros Real wooden fences are made from natural materials. As long as the wood is obtained from a source that uses sustainable harvesting practices, wooden fences are a green choice and can help you attain your eco-friendly home...

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How To Properly Paint Your Chain Link Fence

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If you aren’t happy with the appearance of your chain link fence, you can give it a makeover by painting it. Not only can a little paint make the fence look more to your liking, but it can also make it match your landscaping. If you are thinking about painting your chain link fence, you can learn how to do so properly by reading the information below. Properly prepare the fence You can’t simply grab some paint and begin. It’s very important for you to first make sure the fence is prepared for painting. This is done with the...

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Containing Horses: The Most Ideal Fencing & Cost To Get It Installed

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Do you own horses and want to invest in fencing to keep them in a certain area? It is important that the right kind of fencing be installed if you don’t want your horses to suffer an injury. In this article, learn about horse fencing and how much getting one installed will cost on average. What Kind of Horse Fencing is Ideal? You may want to invest in vinyl fencing because it is safe for the horses. The vinyl will be installed with plastic railing that can imitate how wood looks for more appeal. Vinyl fencing is ideal because it will...

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Four Mistakes to Avoid When Tearing Down an Old Fence

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When you finally decide you’re going to replace your fence, it’s normal to be excited. That old, rickety fence will soon be gone, and you’ll have a fresh, new one to show off to guests. In all of your excitement, it’s easy to make mistakes when it comes to tearing down your old fence. Here’s a look at four common mistakes to avoid: Mistake 1: Forgetting to verify that the fence belongs to you. Make sure it’s really your fence, not the neighbor’s fence, that you’re about to tear down. If the...

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Thinking About Fencing In Your Yard? What You Need To Know About Fencing Laws

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Maybe you just got a new dog and want to keep him in the yard. Maybe you are just tired of the kids in the neighborhood traipsing through your yard and tearing up your flowerbeds. No matter what your reasons are for fencing in your property, finding out more about the laws regarding fencing in your area is important before doing so. Spite Fencing Is Never A Good Idea If you are considering putting up a fence between you and your neighbor simply because you do not like that person, you are considering what is called a ‘spite...

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