Containing Horses: The Most Ideal Fencing & Cost To Get It Installed

Do you own horses and want to invest in fencing to keep them in a certain area? It is important that the right kind of fencing be installed if you don't want your horses to suffer an injury. In this article, learn about horse fencing and how much getting one installed will cost on average.

What Kind of Horse Fencing is Ideal?

You may want to invest in vinyl fencing because it is safe for the horses. The vinyl will be installed with plastic railing that can imitate how wood looks for more appeal. Vinyl fencing is ideal because it will not splinter like wood. You don't want your horses behind a fence that splinters, because wood can injure them if they get too close to the fence. Vinyl is also ideal because it won't rot from rainwater like wood, which can save you money on repairs. A vinyl horse fence is also a better option over metal wire ones. The wires are not safe for the horses because they can become unraveled and cause a serious injury. The horses can also get tangled up in the wires.

However, if you prefer the look of a wire fence over vinyl, you can choose one that is electric to keep the horses safe. Horses are not likely to leave the field or go near the fence if there is electricity in it. The electrical volts are not strong enough to injure your horses, but will release a small zap to keep them away from the fence. If you want the electricity without the wire exposed, you may want to opt for a roped fence. Rope is actually more visible than a wire fence, so your horses won't accidentally run into it.

How Much Does Horse Fencing Cost?

The price for horse fencing will depend on how many feet are being installed. The complexity of the job will also be factored into the overall price. If you were to invest in 80 feet of fencing along with the supplies needed for installation, you can expect to pay an average of $1,600 to $2,000. The quoted price is based on the contractor spending at least eleven hours of labor to install the fence.

Don't risk one of your horses running out when you are not looking. All you need is the right fence to keep your horses contained and safe. Get in touch with a specialist like Rapasadi Fence to get your horse fence installed!