Is Your Chain Link Fencing Broken? Learn How To Repair It

When there is a portion of your chain link fencing that is damaged, you'll most likely want to fix it. As long as damage has not occurred to any of the fence posts, the repair should be easy to take care of on your own. Follow these steps to repair it.

Materials and Tools

You'll need the following items to repair your fencing, many of which can be bought at your local home improvement store.

  • Replacement fencing section
  • Strong wire or rope
  • Pliers

Your new section of fencing should be the same height and color of the existing fencing that you have, but can be a different width.

Prepare The Sections of Good Fencing

To ensure that the remaining fence stays together while doing the repair, you'll need to tie together the sections of your fence that is still in good condition. You can do this with a strong metal wire or rope. Tightly tie the good sections of chain link fencing together as tightly as you can.

Remove The Section of Damaged Fencing

All you need to remove any damaged section of chain link fencing is your pliers. Start at the top and untwist the damaged metal strand that is on the far left or right side. Then switch to the opposite side, and untwist that metal strand as well. You'll then un-weave the strand from the fence that is still there. Roll up all of the damaged sections of fencing to easily get rid of it.

Metal fencing can be recycled, though if you have a lot of it that you are replacing, consider selling the material at a scrap yard.

Install The Section of New Fencing

Start the repair process by unrolling your new chain link fencing next to your installed fence. Remove strands so it matches the width of the section you are looking to replace. You can then weave a new metal strand through both the new and old fencing, done in the opposite way that you removed it. Use pliers to twist the metal strand at the top so it is secured in place. Repeat these steps for the opposite side. Now you can remove the wire or rope that held the good fencing together.

If these steps seem too complicated for you, or you are having difficulty doing it yourself, contract a local fence company for help. They can do the job for you and ensure it is done right.