2 Fencing Options To Keep Your Dog Safe On An Acreage Property

Moving to a semi-rural home on acreage is a dream for many people. This type of home allows you to live amongst trees and wildlife and be able to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature. An acreage home means that you will have plenty of room for a large vegetable garden and for your children to explore their environment. However, if you have a dog as a pet, you may find that the wide open spaces make it difficult to keep your dog contained on your property.

Acreage blocks can be very difficult or even impossible to fence. This is sometimes due to the type of terrain, especially if there is a steep gradient. Often, the sheer amount of fencing that would be required makes it an impractical and very expensive idea. Fortunately, there are two simple solutions to this problem.

1. Build a chain link dog run

A great way to keep your dog safe is to build a specially designed dog run. One of the cheapest and simplest to install fence types for this purpose is chain link. This type of fencing is strong, durable, and will allow visibility and air flow between the interior and exterior areas of the run.

The size and height of your dog run will largely depend on how much space you have available, the size of your dog, and your dog's exercise needs. Be sure to include a covered area that will provide your dog with shelter from the sun and the rain. A small concrete slab under the shelter will keep the area from becoming a dust bowl in dry weather or a mud pit when it rains.

2. Install a radio collar dog fence

If you prefer the idea of your dog being able to roam freely around your acreage, then a radio collar dog fence may be a good choice. The dog's collar acts as a radio receiver which emits a painless electric shock to the dog if they cross over the designated boundary. The boundary is set using specially designed wiring which connects remotely with the dog collar.

This is a great solution for acreage because it can cover a very large area for significantly less cost than a standard fence. It also allows you to pick and choose where your dog is permitted, so vegetable patches will be free from holes dug to bury bones in.

Radio collar dog fences will require you to spend some time training your dog for them to work effectively. If you buy a good quality brand, then they will generally include a comprehensive training guide for you to follow.

Keeping pets safe and secure is a top priority for pet owners. Although keeping your dog contained on an acreage property can be a challenge, the above solutions will help to provide your dog with the security it needs. Contact a local fencing contractor, like Fence Pro, for more help.