Temporary Fencing Options Available To Contain Your Dog Effectively

If you just moved into a new home and you are in need of temporary fencing to keep your dog on your property, you have several options available. Permanent fencing is the best way to keep your dog on your own grounds; however, there may be a waiting list to have installation done or you may still be looking into what type of fencing you prefer. It will be important to select an effective temporary containing system in the interim. Here are a few fencing solutions to consider in an attempt to help you keep your pooch from running off in an unfamiliar area.

Try Invisible Fencing If You Do Not Wish To Alter Your Yard's Appearance

If you are interested in retaining your yard's natural appearance until a fencing company can make a permanent installation, consider putting in an invisible fence made especially for keeping dogs within boundaries. These "fences" consist of small posts that you bury underground. They each have the capability to give off radioactive signals that are transmitted to a collar you place upon your dog. When your dog gets within proximity of one of the posts, an uncomfortable but painless jolting sensation will be given via the collar. 

Your dog will quickly associate getting too close to the barrier with this feeling, training them to stay within the boundaries you have set. Training your dog to use this type of fencing will give you the flexibility to select a permanent fence that is more attractive rather than one made specifically to keep your dog inside your yard as they will be seasoned in staying away from the perimeter with this training tool.

Install A Temporary Mesh Fence To Keep An Eye On Your Dog

Many dog owners will install a mesh fence when waiting for a permanent fence to be installed. This type of fence is usually used around trampolines or swimming pools as it allows people to look in at the people using these amenities to increase safety. The same will go for your dog. Simply install this nylon fencing material and enjoy the fact you can watch your dog from the outside if necessary. This will allow you keep track of dog's activities while allowing it to enjoy watching those around the neighborhood as well. The fence itself will be difficult for the dog to use to make a break-out as the small holes are not easy to climb. If a dog does try to claw its way up a mesh fence, the soft material will make it difficult to gain traction to continue to the very top.

Use Temporary Plastic Or Wood Picket Fencing To Keep Smaller Dogs Safe

If your dog is small in stature, you may be able to install a picket fence on your property temporarily. Plastic or wood fencing kits can be purchased from your local home goods store and placed around your yard quite easily by following the instructions provided with each kit. These fencing pieces are relatively sturdy if you take the time to install them properly, making them a good option for a dog that is not large enough to jump over. Larger dogs however may be able to leap over shorter pieces, so it is best to reserve this solution for miniature canine species.

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