Planning A New Deck? Consider These Benefits Of Composite Decking

It's an exciting time when you decide that you'll have a new deck built onto your home, whether it's the home's first deck or you're tearing down an existing one to build a better one. Hiring a professional deck contractor can ensure that you get the finished product you desire, but you'll need to give some consideration to a number of the design elements before the contractor can begin to work. One of the big decisions you'll face is choosing which material the decking should be; many people opt for cedar, while pressure-treated lumber is adequate for others. A desirable alternative is composite decking, which is readily available at your local home supply store. This human-made material has several benefits.

Very Little Maintenance Required

Wooden decking requires a long list of regular maintenance tasks. For example, you'll routinely need to refinish the decking when the paint or stain wears off, which is a lengthy process that involves sanding the boards and applying multiple coats of the paint or stain. You won't have to fret over these maintenance tasks when you have composite decking. The durable nature of the material doesn't need to be refinished, and for years it will look just as good as it did the day it was installed.

Safer Underfoot

One of the concerns with wooden decking is that it can splinter and cause wooden slivers in the feet of your family members. This is especially a concern if you have young children who enjoy being on the deck in their bare feet, but this issue can certainly affect anyone in your family or even friends who are visiting you — or even your family dog. Composite decking doesn't have this risk; it does not splinter or flake, meaning that it's perfectly safe to walk on in bare feet. This attribute makes it particularly ideal if you're planning the deck to be built around a swimming pool.

Longer Lifespan

Even with regular maintenance, wooden decking will eventually need to be replaced. The exact length that it will last depends on a wide range of factors, including the type of wood and how thoroughly you maintain it, but the reality is that you'll still need to think about replacing the decking eventually. The lifespan of composite decking is significantly longer; the exact number of years depends on the product you buy. Consider checking with your deck contractor to see what type of material he or she recommends; you'll often find that contractors will suggest using composite decking, given the above benefits.