Are Wild Animals Damaging Your Property? Add A Fence To Gain Some Protection

Protecting your property is important because it prevents you from having to worry about excessive or unnecessary maintenance, repairs, and difficulties that might come from these weaknesses. If your home has had problems because of wild animals coming into your yard, you may want to solve this issue. While you can work on measures to take action when one of the animals makes their presence known, you are better off preventing damage from happening in the first place by installing a fence on your property.

Consider Bird Prevention

Birds might not cause a lot of damage, but they can certainly harm parts of your property. This could be in the form of eating beneficial insects that normally patrol your garden and keep out harmful bugs. The birds might also munch on the flowers, fruits, and seeds that you would like to stay in the yard. To fix this problem with a fence, you may want to look at options with a solid surface at the top. This makes it possible to put spike strips along the entire top side to prevent birds from flying there for a perch.

Prioritize a Solid Fence

Another thing that can help is getting a solid fence. Lots of wild animals can squeeze through fences that have gaps between each picket. The gap does not have to be that large for critters like squirrels, mice, or rats to crawl through and start causing damage to your house or landscape. A solid fence, especially when reinforced under the ground with wiring, will prevent most land animals from getting to the house.

Keep the Future in Mind

Most landscapes change over time, and yours may be in the process of growing. If you have trees that are in their youth and you know that they will be expanding over the years, you need to take these details into consideration when installing a fence to avoid compatibility problems in the future. For instance, you may want to remove a tree or install the fence in a different location to avoid root growth complications. Or, if you know that squirrels are constantly trying to get into your yard to eat and drink, you can position the fence so that it is far away from any neighboring trees that the squirrels could use to get in the yard.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to build a fence and protect your property against most wild animals.