What Goes Into Fencing Costs?

You want a new fence, but you don't know how much the fence itself will cost. There are many factors that go into a fencing estimate. Learn what your new fence may cost by knowing what goes into the completion price. Knowing the actual cost of fencing can help you decide if you have the budget for a new fence or not and what materials are best for you. 


Labor is one of the main costs of installing a fence. Labor is the amount of money paid to the people who install your fence. The people who unload supplies, paint your fence, pour concrete for posts, and do other tasks all need to be paid—usually an hourly wage—and this cost is paid for by you, the customer.

Labor costs vary, depending on how many people are needed for the job and how much fencing is being installed. Labor can be less for a simple front yard or garden fence, for example, than for an entire backyard decorative fence that requires more work.


Wood, ornamental steel, aluminum, chain link, and other fencing materials all carry their own costs. There are two parts to material costs: the type of material you choose and how much material you need to complete your fencing job. Naturally, the more fencing materials you need, the more expensive your fence will be installed, no matter what materials you choose.

If budgeting is a concern, you can use a cheaper fencing material for the backyard and a more ornate material for the front. Using cheaper materials will lower your fencing estimate.

Gate style

Do you want an automatic gate for your fence? A basic gate for just the front yard? Or do you want an ornamental gate for decorative appeal? Often the gate for your fencing project carries some of the most expensive parts of your installation costs and can make your fencing estimate go up. Discuss gate options with your fencing contractor so you can stay within budget.


Where you live can have a lot to do with how much your fence will cost. Since fencing materials will have to be delivered and the cost of living may be more in your area, you can expect your estimate for fencing to be different than someone in another county. Compare estimates of many fencing contractors to choose the right professional for the job you need.