The Iron Fencing Guide For Landscaping And Outdoor Living Space

If you are considering improving your home and outdoor spaces with a new fence, you may want to consider the benefits of iron fencing. Iron fences can give you a lot of options for design and custom features. The following iron fencing guide will help you choose the right design and decorative details for this addition to your outdoor spaces:

Choosing The Right Foundation

The foundation of an iron fence can be made of many materials, such as concrete, stone, or brick walls. This is a great way to add privacy and security to the front of your property where there may be limits on the height of new fencing and visibility. In other areas like the back yard, the fencing can float between the posts for a more affordable fencing design. If you do floating fencing in some areas, use gravel or other hardscaping to prevent grass and weed growth that can cause problems.

Options For Automatic Gated Entrances

If you are installing an iron fence around your entire property, you are also going to need a gated entrance to your home. One of the benefits of iron fencing is that there are also a lot of options for custom gate designs that you may want to consider, such as arches and decorative details. Talk with your iron fencing contractor about options for a custom gate design and features for the entrance to your home.

Options For Custom Spires and Finials

The pickets of an iron fence are called spires, and the decorative spike-like features at the top are finials. If you want to have a more custom look for your fence, the spires of iron fencing can be twisted or have other decorative shapes that are custom made. The finials that are installed at the top of your fence can also be decorative features that help enhance the appearance of new iron fencing and give your home more security

Choosing The Right Iron Fence Materials and Decorative Detail Features

There are also a lot of decorative details that can be added to the design of iron fencing, which can improve the appearance of your fence and give your home more privacy. You may want to talk to the iron fencing service about additional metalwork and decorative details that can be installed with the fence, such as leaf and plant shapes or wider, decorative spires that reduce visibility and give your home privacy where it is needed.